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Shaun Coffey
Industrial Research LTD former CEO
.CEO Registry Member

Shaun Coffey has had a spectacular career that has seen him as a CEO, Director, and Chairman for a number of influential businesses. Since 1995, Shaun has won over 12 different awards and honors, including being named one of the most influential people in New Zealand Business in 2012.

Shaun is a Company Director and Chairman. He is a renowned leader and strategist, widely recognised as a science and business entrepreneur, and is a well respected social media commentator and thought leader. Prior to his current role, Shaun was the CEO of Industrial Research LTD, A Crown Research Institute of New Zealand.

Now based in Australia, Shaun operates in the global market with key interests in Asia, Europe and Oceania. Shaun has over 40 years of highly successful experience in the technology, manufacturing, agricultural and services industries, and has worked in both the public and private sectors.

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Shaun Coffey