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Benita Matofska
Compare & Share CEO
.CEO Registry Member

Global expert on the Sharing Economy, public speaker and social entrepreneur, Benita Matofska is the Founder and Chief Sharer of Compare and Share, the world's first comparison marketplace of the Sharing Economy.


Benita has won some incredible awards for professional achievements over the last few years, including:

2015 - Winner of the NatWest Venus Entrepreneur of the Year Award

2014 - Winner of the Tech City News Best Startup for Social Good, Best Social Business Leader UK & World and Google for Entrepreneurs Blackbox Connect

2013 - Finalist in the G8 Innovation Summit Profit with Purpose and Winner of the TechPitch


In 2012, as a modern campaigner and entrepeneur, Benita Matofska was invited to give a prestigious TEDx talk to discuss the new economic model of a sharing economy, a collaborative consumption model used in growing global marketplaces.

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