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The Top Five Reasons Why a .CEO Domain is
The First Step To Building Your Personal Brand

Becoming an influential business leader requires translating your personal leadership style and experience beyond the confines of your business.

With the .CEO suite of carefully crafted tools and sharp design features, you can design a professional, personal site to communicate your unique perspective in just minutes. As a platform built by CEOs, for CEOs, your .CEO Domain comes complete with these top five assets and tools to help you build a strong personal brand:

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1. A personal, professional domain

Create a single, professional domain to host your website, Profile Page, business bio, or LinkedIn.

As a fully-customizable domain, your can configure your new .CEO URL to suit your purposes, whether that is hosting a website for your leadership speaking profile or as an easy-to-remember shortcut to your business profile on your company site or LinkedIn.

Best of all, YourName.CEO communicates to your audience exactly who you are and what you do.

2. Built in SEO

Set yourself apart from other people with your name.

The Internet has made the world a smaller place, yet distinguishing yourself can be a challenge as people the world over look to create their personal brands. With a .CEO Domain, though, you will instantly separate yourself from the pack with a URL that communicates who you are and what you do.

YourName.CEO adds instant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to every page on your domain, making it easier for colleagues, investors, and customers to find your professional presence and connect with you.

3. Online Authority

Instantly communicate your executive experience and leadership.

Selecting the right domain for your personal brand is a critical first step to establishing your digital presence. By choosing a .CEO Domain, you infuse every page of your domain with your expertise.

Unlike any other TLD (top level domain), your .CEO Domain imbues your site and Profile Page with authority, ensuring that your online visitors understand and trust your message.

4. Profile Page

Your customizable and attractive .CEO Profile Page allows you to build a professional profile.

Along with your .CEO Domain comes our simple drag-and-drop Profile Page design tool that allows you to customize your digital busiess profile. Feature a full-page professional portrait or a video highlighting your achievements as well as key recognition points like your professional biography, social media handles, and external sites. You can design your professional profile page or let one of our VIP Support Team build for you. Once your Profile Page is built, share it on your business cards and other profiles as the landing page for your online presence.

5. Interact with Followers

Connect with business leaders and followers with robust social media monitoring Streams and .CEO Communities.

Strengthen your online presence by interacting with the other influential business leaders. Your .CEO Domain comes with access to .CEO Communities, over 30+ global and local groups of business leaders. You can also enable .CEO Streams, a social media monitoring tool that allows you to monitor and interact with all of your social platforms from a single page.

As the best online platform for business leaders and CEOs, .CEO offers you an exclusive suite of tools to develop and refine your personal brand.

Get started with YourName.CEO today at Claim.CEO or read on to learn more about the .CEO Platform.

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