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What is a Premium .CEO Domain?

.CEO domains are available to more than just individuals. Companies, industries, interests, and more can all purchase a .CEO domain. Because of the first-come, first-serve nature of domains, however, you may find that the domain you’re looking for is a Premium .CEO Domain.

Premium .CEO Domains are those domains which are in higher demand than the average domain. While the vast majority of .CEO domains are Standard Domains, you may find that the domain you wish to register is a Premium Domain.

Your domain may be a Premium Domain if it is:

–A very common name, like Michael Smith

–A popular interest, like Technology

–A broad category, like Software

–A very exclusive name, like Bill Gates

Premium Domains are priced above Standard Domains in accordance with their value.

Premium Domains are available for purchase at $499, $999, and $4999USD.

You can check to see if your domain is available and at what price you can purchase it at Claim.CEO.

Claim your .CEO today!

If your desired domain is a Premium Domain but you would prefer a lower cost domain, you may wish to try adding more characteristics to it. We can provide you with suggestions on how to find a domain that suits your needs here.