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How Much Does a .CEO Domain Cost?

A .CEO domain is more than a web address – it’s the best way to communicate your professional brand on the Internet.

A web address ending in .CEO instantly communicates the value and purpose of the site whether you’re an entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 company. Additionally, every .CEO domain owner is invited to participate in the exclusive .CEO community with a Profile Page, Communities.CEO, and TopLevel.CEO.

Like many other domains available for purchase, pricing for .CEO domains varies based on the uniqueness of the domain you’re purchasing. The vast majority of .CEO Domains are available for purchase for $99 USD annually, however some premium domains may be more expensive. Accordingly, .CEO domain pricing is based on a tiered, annual rate.

.CEO domain pricing tiers are $99, $499, $999 and $4999USD a year.


At time of purchase, you may choose to secure your domain for a period of one to ten years, ensuring that you will the remain the exclusive owner of YourDomainName.CEO. If you are not yet ready for a .CEO domain, you may wish to explore Go.Kred to learn how a Kred domain may best serve your purposes.

Claim your .CEO today!